Saturday, October 6, 2007

When life forces you to stop and slow down

Its almost been a week since I started my Internet fast (which also means it will be over tomorrow at 5pm). I remember thinking what horrible timing I had picked to do this--when my schedule was just about to become crazy busy and I thought I would need Internet the most. In actuality, timing was perfect. I needed the break as life did get crazy, and needed every bit of spare time to devote to other things going on.

Well with craziness I should have known something would make me slow down. I'm supposed to be at an all day retreat at church right now, but, I'm home instead. I'm home because I apparently did not willingly take a break and it caught up to me as it always does when I keep going and don't put on the breaks, and so, here I am, sick with a miserable cold! This is turning into a fast from speaking for now as well as it hurts to much to talk, and its also gonna be a diet, since my throat is so swollen swallowing my food is no longer automatic!

A week of work overload, my brother moving in, my close friend moving away and the new busier schedule at church getting started for Fall apparently wiped me out. Temporarily.

I felt it coming on last night right before I had a phone meeting with a client of mine. I thought "ohhhh nooo, not now of all times!". I immediately went and loaded up on my huge stock of vitamins and herbs that I pound when I feel something coming. Most of the time this really does work. Not this time.

So here I am sick, missing an all day retreat that I've been looking forward too, with a full schedule ahead of me for tomorrow and Monday as well.

Maybe this is a sign to just rest!

With that said, I'll keep this one short, and hope a needed break wipes this nasty cold out!

Lesson? Choose to slow down and take a break, or life will do it for you!



Jos said...

I guess ur body tells you that you've deserved a break! Usually you really deserve it, but u'r still too busy to admit it... right?
(Maybe i'm just projecting...)
I just recently found out how beautifully God created us: Even if I ignore every signal that tells me I should slow down... In the end I don't have a choice! It took me 5 sessions to understand that what I felt mattered. Pretty ironic for I'm a social worker myself! I always tell other people to take good care, but I make the same mistakes... well, maybe I am human after all.

I wish you luck and !health! ('beterschap' as we call it in Dutch).
btw: I hope you don't mind that I read your personal blog... I do like reading it!
Groeten, Jos

Jos said...
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